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Boat parks

Members can choose to use the Boat Park facilities (subject to availability and fee) and store their boat on a jetty during the season. We ask that boats are not left on their trailers on site out of season. Boats may be left in the water if used regularly throughout the winter.

Members are responsible for maintaining their jetty, in conjunction with any jetty partner, and any additions or extensions must be agreed with the committee before any work commences.

Boat lifts

Permission for a boat lift must be sought from the committee before installation as the following criteria applies:


  • There must be sufficient space between you and your jetty neighbour for a boat lift to be installed, if not the committee can look into relocating you to a different jetty location, providing suitable alternatives are available.

  • The boat lift must be no wider than half the distance between the two jetties.

Alternatively, self built boat lifts can be used and these will be considered based on the following requirements:​

  • It must be free standing and removable.

  • Protected from corrosion i.e. Galvanised if of steel construction. Certified with a static and dynamic load test to 1.5 times SWL.

  • The test certificate must be provided before the lift is installed and cover any additional lifting equipment used.

Please contact Joe Stagg for advice and guidance.

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