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Boat Scrutinising

All boats used on any of our lakes must be scrutinised every year prior to being used or put on any part of the water. Boat Scrutinising takes place on 6 days across the year between 10am and 1pm.

Scrutinising at any other time is strictly by appointment only. Appointments should be arranged by contacting one of the club’s scrutineers, listed below. Privately arranged appointments will be subject to a £10 fee.

The 2024 scrutinising dates are listed below:

  • Saturday 30th March 2024

  • Saturday 6th April 2024

  • Saturday 4th May 2024

  • Sunday 5th May 2024

  • Saturday 1st June 2024

The Boat Scrutinising Team

Nigel Cockram

07796 274680

Greg Temple

07774 554582

Trevor Boreland

07768 881616

Jon Dyne

07976 644553

Brian Carpenter

07852 991900

Scrutinising Checklist

  • Engine kill lanyard is fitted and working

  • BL number is correctly displayed in large letters and visible when in the water

  • Trailer BL number is clearly displayed

  • Steering is firm and free; cables and joints are not worn

  • Driver's seat is secure

  • Battery is charged and secure

  • Mirror and Red Flag

  • Bilge pump is fitted and working

  • Gearbox neutral safety switch is functioning correctly

Also for inboard boats:

  • Automatic fire extinguisher in engine bay (charged and in date)

  • Bilge blower fitted and working

  • LPG visual check (tank and vaporiser secure)

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