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Safety officer of the day (sod)

Boughton Lodge operates a duty safety officer scheme on Saturday’s, Sunday’s and bank holidays throughout the busy part of the season. It is the duty of the safety officer of the dayis to oversee a safe and enjoyable atmosphere on the lake during their time as safety officer, challenge any behaviour and maintain and uphold the club rules.

The SOD will need to be on site and signed in by 10am. They should remain on sight and visibly present until 5pm or when activities quiet down on the lake, which ever is later. It is vital that the SOD is on the main lake jetty during the two main Ringo times: 1pm – 2pm and 4pm – 5pm, as well as any other periods during the day where the main lake or learner lake become busy.

Duties and Responsibilities on the day

· You must sign in on your allocated day via the tablet located within the club house.

· To uphold the club rule book to the best of their ability.

· To maintain a safe environment on both the main and learner’s lake.

· To be the point of call for any questions for the day, referring to the club role book for any queries you are unable to answer or emailing the committee for further clarification.

· To be on the main jetty at the stated times, supporting boat users and guiding them in best practice.

If it is not practical to attend the allocated date, please arrange to swap duty with another member.

Members who do not attend their SOD duty or are considered not to have completed their duties, will be subject to a £150 additional fee on their membership renewal.

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